BUS 311-The future of Acme Fireworks Wk 3 (Final Paper Proposal)


This paper will discuss the issues pertaining to Acme Fireworks. The owner of Acme Fireworks needs aid in helping the business grow. The owner has been contacted by outside businesses inquiring about the capabilities of Acme Fireworks and if the company is able to fill large orders.  The owner has their work cut out for them and this is where the manager comes in. As manager it is the managers’ duty to make sure that all aspects of this situation are covered. This will be done by addressing the responsibilities of Acme Fireworks in regards to personal liability to injured consumers who may become hurt as a result of using acme Fireworks products. As well as researching if the owner had formed a contract with the retailers and making sure that the contract includes all five elements; also examining the different employment types that could be used in this situation and if it is worth it. Lastly, advising the owner on a new business entity that would better benefit Acme Fireworks as a whole.
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