ECO 365 Week 5 Final Exam (Paper)

ECO 365 Week 5 Final Exam

Scenario:  Explore and Propose a Resolution for One of the Following Topics:  

Subject Matters include the following MicroEconomic Issues:

•    Healthcare

•    Immigration

•    National Debt

•    Dollar Confidence

•    European Union

•    Housing Crisis

•    Unemployment

•    Military Efficiency/Cuts

•    College Tuition Hikes

•    Energy – Wind/Solar

•    Title 2 – FCC Net Neutrality

•    Water Rights

•    The Rail

•    Homelessness

•    Traffic

Prepare a 2000 word paper with the goal of including all course competencies to defend your choice and focus.

Cite a minimum 1 source from the University of Phoenix Library and 2 additional reputable sources which may include the course text.

Format consistent with APA guidelines.

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