market research

Assessment item 2 requires students to conceptualise and design a research project. You are required to think of a realistic marketing problem/situation or an opportunity that requires further research. Some examples of research projects may include the following:

Consumer satisfaction with a product or a service
Consumer evaluation of service quality
Feasibility analysis of a proposed new product or a service
Ascertain the target market’s demographic and psychographic profile
An assessment of consumer product/service attributes preferences
You may choose any other suitable marketing problem/issue. Please feel free to discuss your potential topics with me prior to beginning your project.

More information on the assignment will be provided by the Lecturer

The report would include details on the following aspects. You do not need to collect raw data.

Background to the problem or opportunity
Problem definition / research question
Research design and data sources
Sampling design
Data collection method (including details on questionnaire/script development, and scaling)
Proposed data analysis (including details on the techniques used and why)
Some important issues to bear in mind while preparing the report:

Type the report in 'Times New Roman' font style (font-size 12 and 1.5 line spacing).
Include headings and sub-headings.
The report should not exceed 10 pages (given above specifications) excluding the cover page, references and appendices.
Remember to attach your questionnaire / script in an Appendix at the end of the report.
Each of the sections in the report need thorough justifications.
Remember to ask for a respondent's permission before collecting data.
The data analysis section requires proposing the use of data analytic tools that are suited to answering your research question / issues. Remember that you have to justify the chosen techniques.
Please refer to the Academic Writing ('Write a report') web link on the subject site before preparing your report.
Marking criteria are provided in the following sections. Your lecturer would be providing more information on this assessment item in greater detail via announcements and group emails.

The project is designed to familiarize students with real world applications of research. Students will not only gain an in-depth understanding of the major steps involved in market research, but also understand and appreciate how individual steps complement each other.

Marking criteria
Executive Summary 10 marks
Background to the Problem & Problem Definition

- Includes an introduction to the problem or opportunity and outlines the scope of the issue
15 marks
Research Design & Data Sources

- Includes details on the chosen research design along with strong justifications for choosing the same

- Includes details on what kind of data sources are to be used and why
15 marks
Sampling Design

- Includes adequate details on the chosen sampling design along with justifications for the same
15 marks
Data Collection Method & Forms

- Includes details on how the data is to be collected and why

- Includes details on questionnaire / script along with outlining measurement scaling issues
15 marks
Data Analysis

- Includes outlining the techniques that are proposed along with a rationale
15 marks
APA referencing (in-text and at the end) 5 marks
Professional presentation (e.g., structure, formatting, grammar, visual appeal) 10 marks
TOTAL 100 marks
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