Class Association and operator overloading Solution

Objectives: Class Association and operator overloading

This project is a continuation from Project 1. The program should accept the same input data file and support the same list and find operations. You will change the implementation of Project 1 to use class instead of struct and implement operators for reading and writing student objects. A student.h header file, declared below, is used to represent each student object in the system. A course.h header file, declared below, is used to represent a list of students enrolled in a course. and methods that you need to implement. You should create student.cpp and course.cpp to implement the two classes. Develop a program, name proj03.epp, to use the Course object to read from the input student record file and create a list of student objects. The input data file can store up to 35 student records. This program can perform 2 functions .List: to list all the student records read from the input file .Find: to lookup a specific student record by the input student id. Student ID read from command line is character string. It needs to be converted to an integer before calling the find function. Use the atoi () function in header for the conversion. Your program will read all input from the command line, no prompting for user input and hardcoding for input file name.
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