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Happy New Year!

We are really proud of this new program which is branch of SEXUAL MAGNETISM. While Sexual Magnetism focuses on many aspects,
This program focuses on drawing the woman/women of interests towards you to make a move on you or initiate a sexual encounter with you. 
This premium version is designed for Straight Men as long as they are over 18.
THIS IS THE MOST POWERFUL PROGRAM OF ITS KIND AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE, While the YouTube version has been delibrately restricted to prevent abuse.

Do not use this program if you are below 18! And adults who use this program please be aware that this program can draw the sexual interests from the opposite sex or people who are sexually attracted towards you, that includes people below the age of consent. So you are completely responsible for your actions. We are no way responsible if you misuse it.

If you listen to this program, you won't magically attract women you want to have sex with. NO, IT DOES NOT WORK LIKE THAT WAY.
For example, in case of men. You have to get out there and mix, not necessary to engage in deep conversations, if you do engage though, its a bonus. You have to get out there and socialize. If you are just sitting in front of the computer all day, and you go out just to get some food, then all you may get is some looks from the waitress or cashier if its a female, you wont be able to get anything else.
This program is infused with affirmations which are delivered in a very unique way, and it cannot be replicated in ultrasonic version. hence we adivice you to listen to this program for at least 5 hours a day using the masked versions and listen to the ultrasonic version while sleeping.

Listen to this program for at least 5 hours a day for the next one month. You can listen up to 8 hours for awesome results.
You can listen to this while doing activities, including listening to music.

Do not download this track illegaly, or listen to this track in offline mode. This track contains very strong anti piracy affirmations.

We would like to reserve our right to keep affirmations and techniques used to make this program our trade secret.
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