Sailing Away

Your boat is traveling parallel to the shoreline at a speed of "s" miles per hour.  

Up ahead is a lighthouse located on the shoreline.

Verbally describe how you can determine the distance the boat will be from the light house in one hour. You may assume you have a compass and a watch available.

In addition, you may work with the term "bearings" in your description.

Answer each of the following questions. You must provide detailed work illustrating how you arrived at your solution.

1) To determine the distance between two aircraft, a tracking station continuously determines the distance to each aircraft and the angle between them (see figure). Determine the distance a between the planes when A = 20°,b = 40 miles and c = 18 miles.

2) To approximate the length of a marsh, a surveyor walks 260 meters from point A to point B, then turns 73° and walks 215 meters to point C (see figure). Approximate the length of AC the marsh.

3) The course for a boat race starts at point A and proceeds to point B, then to point C, and finally back to A, as shown in Figure below. Point C lies 8 kilometers directly south of point A. Approximate the total distance of the race course.

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