65 custom presets for the Korg R3

This product is a collection of 65 custom presets for the Korg R3 synthesizer. In order to use these presets you must own an R3. To load the presets you'll need to download the free R3 editor/librarian from the Korg website http://i.korg.com/R3 . To load the presets make sure the R3 is connected to your computer via USB. Opern the R3 librarian/editor. Open the file of purchased presets (TBLV 65 presets for Korg R3.r3l ) in the librarian. Make sure the R3 synthesizer has the "write protect" turned off. To audition a sound just pick a memory location on the R3, then click on a specific preset from the sound banks shown in the editor/librarian. That preset will instantly be loaded to the synthesizer. To save that sound to the synth just hit "write" and confirm the location. This method allows you to load exactly the sounds you'd like in exactly the location you'd like.
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