LDR 531 Week 2 Mentorship Agreement Form

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LDR 531 Week 2 Mentorship Agreement

Mentoring Agreement Form


We are both
voluntarily entering into this mentoring partnership. We wish this to be a
rewarding experience, spending most of our time discussing developmental
activities and topics. We agree that…


1.       The mentoring relationship will last for at least the duration of
the LDR/531 course.


2.       We will meet at least once a week. Meeting times, once agreed,
should not be canceled unless this is unavoidable. At the end of each meeting,
we will agree on a date for the next meeting.


3.       Each meeting will not have a set duration of time, but we should
have ample time to cover all the necessary and important issues.


4.       Between meetings, we will contact each other by telephone or e-mail
for a quick check-in to ensure there are no major issues.


5.       Based on an initial conversation between the mentor and mentee, the
goal of the partnership is to discuss and learn more about the following






6.       We agree that the role of the mentor is to:


7.       We agree that the role of the mentee is to:


8.       The mentor agrees to be honest and provide constructive feedback to
the mentee. The mentee agrees to be open to the feedback.


Mentor’s signature and date:


Mentee’s signature and date:
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