The Examined Life Audiobook (One File, Chapters Undivided) by Bram Levinson

Read by the author, The Examined Life is a modern-day, relatable collection of personal development tools which allows the reader to assess where they are, where they want to be, and what lies in the space between the two. In equal measures wake-up call and guide for those seeking the best life possible, this book is already capturing the attention of international readers.

More than your standard self-improvement guide, The Examined Life presents clear steps to changing your life that resonate to the reader through a series of questions that force self-reflection. Full of honesty and hard-won insight, it asks the questions that we all ask ourselves from time to time, but rarely answer completely before moving onto the next distraction. In addition to asking these questions, it offers tools to digest and process them so that we can let them steep and integrate into how we live so that their answers manifest organically. It begs us to find our voice, to find something to believe in and to find the words necessary to speak our truth. This book is a call to the now, to the present moment, all in the hope that it will spark a fire in the mind of the reader to examine the quality of life being led.

Written to bring guidance to modern-day people living with modern-day issues, The Examined Life is written in a refreshingly accessible, inviting, stark and honest style, intended to resonate with anyone who has ever hoped for better in their life and the world around them.

About the author

Bram Levinson is an author, yoga teacher, blogger, mentor and lecturer based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Incorporating his philosophical observations with his studies in Yoga, he brings his experience on and off the mat into his classes, retreats, workshops and lectures all around the world. He is a Level 1 iRest® Yoga Nidra Trained Teacher who makes it his mission to bring connection back to those who have lost it, and his insights and observations can be followed on his blog connect to the sky at His personal website can be found at
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