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Relax with this nice collection of Audio Bools
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30 great Titles Classic Books
Get in lounge lizard mode and Chill out
to some of the best Books around.

Anton Chekhov - The Safety Match.
Arthur Conan Doyle - The Red Headed League.
C.L. Pirkis - The Redhill Sisterhood.
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Edgar Allan Poe - The Purloined Letter.

Ellis Parker Butler - The Eagle's Claws.
Ellis Parker Butler - The Hard-Boiled Egg.
Ellis Parker Butler - The Pet.
Ernest Bramah - The Game Played In The Dark.
Fergus Hume - The Second Customer & The Amber Beads.

G.F. Forrest - The Adventure Of The Diamond Necklace.
Gelett Burgess - The Assassins' Club.
Herbert Keen - The Tin Box.
Jacques Futrelle - Problem Of The Crystal Gazer.
Julian Hawthorne (Ed.) - The Lost Duchess.

Kate Chopin - Her Letter.
L.T. Meade & Robert Eustace - The Mystery Of The Felwyn Tunnel.
Mary E. And Thomas W. Hanshew - The Rope Of Fear.
Max Adeler - A Desperate Adventure.
Murray Leinster - Evidence.

P.G. Wodehouse - Death At The Excelsior.
R. Austin Freeman - The Blue Sequin.
R. Austin Freeman - The Moabite Cipher.
R. Austin Freeman - The Stranger's Latchkey.
Samuel Hopkins Adams - The B-Flat Trombone.

Sax Rohmer - The Mysterious Mummy.
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - A Case Of Identity.
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - The Adventure Of The Second Stain.
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - The Blue Carbuncle.
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - The Five Orange Pips.

Susan Glaspell - A Jury Of Her Peers.
Thomas Bailey Aldrich - A Christmas Fantasy, With A Moral.
Thomas W. Hanshew - The Riddle Of The 528.
W.W. Jacob - The Monkey's Paw.

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