Fortnite Thumbnail Template Bundle Pack 2

The Fortnite Thumbnail Template Bundle Pack comes with 5 of my premium designs all set up to be easily modified and made custom to your needs. Each included template comes with different aspects that you can change and select from to allow you to get the most out of each style. With numerous designs in one pack for a great saving you can assign different themes or colours to types of content or playlists so that your viewers can easily decipher what to expect just from a quick glance at your YouTube thumbnails. Also included is a render pack which comes with over 100 different renders from fortnite that can be used with the thumbnail templates to add even more customisation to each, these renders include numerous skins.

For complete use and modification of this pack you will need Photoshop.

Once you have purchased the pack you will receive a compressed folder known as a .Rar, the template files are inside and can be extracted through numerous free softwares and applications. On a Windows PC the commonly used program is Winrar, however on a Mac you may wish to use Rar extractor lite. If you need any additional help on extracting Rar files there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube and Google for each respective operating system.
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