Premium Twitch Overlay Pack - Scarlet Red

Premium Twitch Overlay Pack - Scarlet Red
This premium Twtich Overlay Pack provides everything you need to stream on Twitch - An Overlay, Info Bars, Webcam Boxes, Social Media Icons and 4 Screens for each part of your stream (the beginning, breaks, the end, & offline).

  • Every part of the overlay comes in seperate files, so you can chose what parts you need, and remove those you don't.

  • This is perfect for those without Photoshop, or those without too much Photoshop experience.

  • The .PSD file is also included for those with Photoshop.

  • This Overlay is designed so you can write your own information over the top of it in OBS/xSplit, without the hassle of changing templates in Photoshop.

This Pack Contains:

  • Top & Bottom Info Bars.

  • Panels: Donations, Follower Goal, Latest Sub, New Donator, New Follower, Now Playing, Top Donator, & a Blank panel.

  • Screens: Stream Starting, 'BRB', Stream Over, & Offline.

  • Social Media Icons: YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook.

  • Webcams: 1:1, 4:3, & 16:9.

  • Custom Font (If you wish to change Overlay on Photoshop).

You can download all my free YouTube Banners & Twitch Overlays from my website:
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