CPMGT 305 Week 5 Discusson Starter

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CPMGT 305 Week 5 Discussion Starter Discussion Starter 1 Project Closure Project closure is an important, but often overlooked, step in the project management process. Identify and describe a process for project closure for your company. Analyze a scenario in which management desires to prematurely stop or terminate a project you are managing. How might this closeout process differ from a natural project closure? Evaluate the project closure process for a global or virtual team. How does this differ from the closure process for a collocated team? Discussion Starter 2 Project Lessons Learned Mature project management organizations utilize some form of knowledge-transfer process to impart lessons learned. Identify and describe a process for collecting lessons learned for a project at your company. Suppose you have a long project (multiyear) with a 10% change over of project team members. How would you recommend collecting lessons learned in that situation? Evaluate the lesson-learned process in an organization you are familiar with and recommend constructive changes to the process. Why have you recommended these changes? Explain your rationale for each recommendation. Discussion Starter 3 Project Failure Answer the following based on the assigned reading in Ch. 9 of the Project Management Workbook and PMP®/CAPM® Exam Study Guide: What are two major reasons projects fail? How might you prevent failure of the project?  
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