GIFTED - The Ultimate Signed Card or Bank Note in Box.


The Ultimate Signed Card or Bank Note to Box Routine


Devised and perfected by Magician & Hypnotist Dave Rawson, “Gifted” is the ultimate solution to a real world commercial Signed Card or Bank Note to Box routine!

Taught by way of a minute training video and photo illustrated PDF you will also learn several other methods and variations on this amazing effect.

With “Gifted” you are able to show a small ungimmicked gift box as being empty and then place it in full view or indeed a volunteer could hold it between their hands for safe keeping.

Then when the time is right you can remove the lid from the small gift box and get the volunteer to remove the contents which have magically appeared inside.

They remove the card or note themselves, unfold it themselves and confirm that it is indeed their signed card or note!

There is absolutely no gimmicks used and no switching of any kind with Dave Rawsons “Gifted” and the great thing is as the boxes can be bought at discount stores for around $1-00 you can leave the box with them as a souvenir.

As a bonus Royle also teaches you his “Clear-Volution” signed card to clear box routine and again using this method you are able to get the clear plastic tupperware boxes for less than a $1-00 each and therefore again it is affordable to be able to leave the box and signed card with them to examine and keep as a souvenir.

The exact method Royle used to perform his signed banknote in next of boxes routine for years in his cabaret show is also revealed and is both easy and cheap for you to make!

Along with this he teaches the technique of Pocket Writing and reveals how you can perform a Don Wayne “Room Service” style routine whereby the piece of paper in the box the volunteer has had in their pocket throughout contains the exact hotel room number that three ladies in the audience have made up between them in a comical fashion.

There is much food for thought and many useable techniques that have all been audience tested in the real world in this video & pdf package.

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