BSHS 305 Week 4 Collaborating and Promoting Change Presentation

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 BSHS 305 Week 4 Collaborating and Promoting Change Presentation

Complete Collaborating and Promoting Change Presentation.

Format any citations in your presentation according to APA guidelines.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

Collaborating and Promoting Change Presentation


Review Ch. 8 of the text.  This is the only source you need for this assignment; additional research is not necessary.


Read the following scenario:


You are a caseworker at a small nonprofit organization that provides low-cost counseling services. Your organization is having great difficulty meeting the high demand for services and must find ways to collaborate with other providers in the community. There is currently no formal process for doing this, and no one is sure about what services are out there. Your supervisor asks your team to find answers to each of the following questions and to present your findings in a slide presentation for the staff:





How could your organization learn about other services in the community?


What information about the providers of these services would you need to have before you could refer clients to them?


What steps can your organization take to build an effective network with other providers in the community?


How can your agency promote community change so the needs of the population are better served?



Brainstorm ideas with your team, using your understanding of the assigned chapter, to address each of these questions. If you communicate outside of the classroom, remember to document this so everyone who participates gets credit for it.


Create a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with speaker notes using the following guidelines:





Your presentation must have 8 to -10 slides and cover the required topics in an informative way.






Begin with a title slide and end with a reference slide.






Use three to five bullet points to summarize ideas on each slide, but include sufficient detail to thoroughly explain these points in the speaker notes section.






Cite your sources on slides and in speaker notes, where appropriate, according to APA formatting guidelines. Remember that you must cite paraphrases as well as quotations. Review the plagiarism tutorials linked in the student materials if you need a refresher on when and how to cite sources. The corresponding reference on your last slide must be written according to APA guidelines, as well. If you need help with these requirements, do not hesitate to ask your instructor.






Use Microsoft® PowerPoint® tools to create a visually appealing presentation. Use color, effective layout, and images to enhance the appearance of your slides. Ensure that all fonts are easy to read and that images are clear.






Proofread carefully to eliminate spelling or grammar errors. Your work on the assignment should showcase the team’s best work.



Post a draft of your presentation for the team to review. Carefully review the content, organization, and mechanics before approving the assignment for submission. If revisions or corrections are needed, a new draft must be posted for review.


Click the Assignments Files tab to submit your presentation after it has been approved by your team.
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