CSE 110 - Assignment #1 solution

Maximum Points: 20 pts. “Teachers open the door But you must enter by yourself” Topics: Entering, compiling, and running a Java program. Using arithmetic expression & casting Using Scanner class for input
Important Note: All submitted assignments must begin with the descriptive comment block similar to the one shown below under Part 1, Program #1. It must contain your name and the other information illustrated. To avoid losing trivial points, make sure this comment header is included in every assignment you submit, and that it is updated accordingly from assignment to assignment. Part 1: Program #1 Compile and Run: (5 pts)
Type the following code into a file called Expressions.java. After the program is entered, compile and run the application to make sure it works. Each invocation of println outputs an arithmetic expression. The first two println commands are followed by comments that describe the operations that occur in each expression. Complete the program by adding a comment after each println statement that describes all the arithmetic operations that occur when evaluating the expression that is printed. //*********************************************************** // Name: Faye Navabi // Title: Expressions.java // Author: Modified from an example in Big Java book // Description: arithmetic operations in Java // Time spent: 30 minutes // Date: 8/15/2016 //************************************************************** public class Expressions { public static void main(String[] args) { int a = 3; int b = 4; int c = 5; int d = 17; System.out.println((a + b)/ c); // a) 3 and 4 are added with sum 7 // 7 is divided by 5 with quotient 1 System.out.println(a + b / c); // b) 4 is divided by 5 with quotient 0 // 3 is added to 0 with sum 3 System.out.println(a++);//c) System.out.println(a--);//d) System.out.println(a + 1);//e) System.out.println(d % c);//f)
System.out.println(d / c);//g) System.out.println(d + a / d + b);//h) System.out.println((d + a) / (d + b));//i) System.out.println(Math.sqrt(b));//j) System.out.println(Math.pow(a, b));//k) } } Note: The answers to each System.out.println (a through k) above should be typed in the block of comments in the Assignemnt1.java file. Do NOT submit this file only the answers are typed as block of comments in the file(Assignment1.java). Answers to a and b are provided in the code above. Program #2: Programming (15 pts)
Overview: Write a complete Java program in a source file to be named Assignment1.java, that solves the problem for the farmers who are trying to decide ahead of time how many completely filled jars they need. For example if the farmer has 5 1/2 gallons of milk and wants to store them in milk jars that can hold up to 0.75 gallons each will need 7 jars. Your program asks farmer for the gallons of milk and computes the number of jars needed by each farmer for that purpose. Note: Make sure to use constants to improve legibility and make it easier to maintain.
Example Execution: Below is a sample execution. Bold text indicates user input.
How many gallons of milk? 5.5
You need 7 jars for 5.5 gallons of milk.
Implementation Details: • You can assume that the user will always input a positive integer for gallons of milk. The user may enter zero but not negative numbers. • You may want to create variables for the following pieces of information: ƒ Gallons of milk (double) ƒ Completely filled jars (int) • You may use additional variables if you desire, and you are not required to create the ones mentioned above. • This program should be implemented using only one class (called Assignment1) and should only contain one method (main).
Additional Sample Output:
Sample 1: How many gallons of milk? 5
You need 6 jars for 5.0 gallons of milk.
Sample 2: How many gallons of milk? 6.8
You need 9 jars for 6.8 gallons of milk.
For this and all subsequent assignments, provide a heading (in comments) described above and demonstrated in Program #1. Make sure your program is called Assignment1.java Submit your homework by following the instructions below: *********************************************************************************
Go to the course web site (my.asu.edu), and then click on the on-line Submission tab. Fill out the registration form before submitting your assignment. Make sure you use the correct email address for registration. This will allow you to submit assignments. Please use your ASU e-mail address. Submit your Assignment1.java file on-line. Make sure to choose Hw1 from drop-down box. Assignment1.java should have the following, in order: o In comments, the assignment Header described in "Important Note" and demonstrated in Program #1. o In comments, the answers to questions a-k presented in Program #1. Do NOT submit the code given in Program #1. o The working Java code requested in Program #2. o The Assignment1.java file must compile and run as you submit it. You can confirm this by viewing your submission results.
Important Note: You may resubmit as many times as you like until the deadline, but we will only mark your last submission.
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