Stacis' Asymmetrical Bob Haircut - VOD Digital Video on Demand

Brunette Staci takes a seat in the vintage 1920's barber chair and talks about her upcoming haircut, an asymmetrical bob, and about her hair experiences. She poses in the barber chair and plays with her hair one last time before the haircut. Soon, the stylist, James William, wraps a neck strip around Staci' neck and covers her with a floral satin cape. He inserts the shampoo tray into the barber chair, lifts up the lid to the salon station, revealing the shampoo sink, and reclining Staci slightly back into the sink. After a shampoo and rinse, Staci's hair is combed out and briefly towel dried. With a haircutting scissors and fine tooth comb, Willam begins cutting Staci's hair. Hair soon piles up on the cape. Once the asymmetrical bob is nearly finished, a thinning shears takes out some excess, to help create a sleek new look. Staci's nape is cleaned up with a portable, battery operated clippers. A blow dryer dries Staci's bob haircut, while a brush runs through it. A pink duster sweeps the shorn hair from Staci's nape and shoulders. Once Staci's haircut is finished, Staci poses next to the barber chair to show off her new haircut. But what new look can be complete without a makeover! Staci is back in a green sweater and has her makeup done by Kat. Audio is noisy at times.Duration 92 minutes, screen size 720x480, format .wmv
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