Target’s Supply Chain

This papers purpose is to give an example of the benefits and how the supply chain works by taking a look at theTarget Corporation’s supply chain. Target is one of the largest retail chains in the US;they first opened in 1962 in the state of Minnesota.It started out as a family- run (The Dayton Family) department store. After company growth the family started looking for ways to expand. Today Target total sales ad diluted earnings per share reached new highs of $72.0 billion and $4.52, respectively. They invested $3.3 billion of capital in our U.S. and Canadian businesses, and they returned over $2.7 billion tour shareholders through share repurchase and dividend payments. Their full-year results were right on track with their Long-Range Plan to reach at least $100 billion in sales and $8 in earnings per share in 2017.We take a look at the effectiveness of Target’s supply chain and see if it reaches the necessary expectations of their demand chain.
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