Jamie Oliver's Food Tube presents The BBQ Book

Jamie Oliver's Food Tube presents The BBQ Book, a collection of 50 incredible recipes that'll change the way you barbecue, from Food Tube's own DJ BBQ.

'With the recipes in this book, DJ BBQ's super-fun videos on Food Tube and a little bit of his heart and soul, your barbecue will never be the same again' - Jamie Oliver

American DJ and barbecue cook DJ BBQ is all about cooking over wood and coal, from huge hunks of meat cooked slow and low to quick-fire grills and dishes to feed a crowd, plus a whole load of 'rad' sides and marinades that will blow your mind.

DJ BBQ's smokin' hot recipes include: 
- Cherry-Wood Smoked Chicken
- Bodacious Burgers 
- Classic Texan Brisket
- Candied Pork Tenderloin
- Kick-Ass Fish Tacos and Grilled Tomato Slabs

Learn how to transform your barbecue with all the heat of The BBQ Book, and throw together a feast that will tempt everyone back for seconds.
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