ASP.NET and Visual Studio Graduation Age Calculator

This assignment will serve as an exercise to establish and confirm the proper configuration and installation of ASP.NET development environment (Visual Studio, IIS and IE.) This assignment is to be ‘Projectless’.

*A Page with Active Content

Create an ASP.NET content page that calculates a student’s age at graduation. Your web page will accept a student’s date of birth and a date of graduation and will display the student’s age at graduation.

Include the following:

 A page_load event that will get the current date for display

 Six text boxes to accept the student’s birth and graduation year, month and day

 A command button with underlying code that will calculate the student’s age at graduation

 A label that will present the age to the user

 A banner image

 A title specification

*Making a Projectless Website

Start VS.

Choose FileNewWebsite.

Select .NET Framework 4.5 (note you may have to change to a down-level version when publishing to your service provider)

Select the ASP.NET Empty Website template

Specify a location for the website code and click OK

To turn in your assignments, publish your website to your service provider (you will want to create a subdirectory on your server for this.) The files required to be on your server are:



Web.config  You may want to use the web.config available on ( )

You can see this image for example ( )
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