GEO 131 Essay On Water Pollutants in Urbanized, Industrial and Developing Areas

The regulation and conservation of clean, safe water is a crucial aspect for any community of any scale to survive and thrive. However, towns and cities which are heavily industrialized and densely populated create much more impurities within its environment. This is because more energy is required to keep the community’s infrastructure stabilized and this energy stresses more resources than a smaller area would. Acquiring these resources unsustainably can be detrimental and can lead to water impurity. Water pollution is any undesirable change to its form and this includes harmful substances being added to it or affecting it. Besides air pollution, water impurity is the next biggest environmental issue which is why it must be assessed and corrected as soon as possible (Ramandeep Singh Gambhir et al, 2012). Water contamination can have many external factors but the majority of them are the result of human activity. Industrialization is a major catalyst for water impurity, and within that spectrum of pollution the major causes are improper waste management from industrial corporations and facilities as well as municipal communities
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