HRM 326 Week 4, E-Learning, Effective Training, Ch. 7

HRM 326 Week 4, E-Learning, Effective Training, Ch. 7
There are lots of different terms used in the chapter. Some of them are out of date.

For our purposes let's define e-Learning as a stand-alone course you take on the computer. You log in and then just follow the directions. It often includes reading and some quizzes. You get feedback at the end on whether you have passed the course. A lot of compliance training looks like this.

Then there is eLearning that is interactive and engaging, with challenging scenarios where you have to make decisions. You get instant feedback on whether you made a good decision or not. Or the eLearning involves say how to assemble or disassemble a piece of equipment, but you get to move the parts around on the screen and have a go at configuring it on the computer. There are lots of different things one can do with eLearning technology, depending on what you are trying to teach.

Unfortunately, most of the eLearning that I see is boring, mind-numbing page-turners, with the odd quiz thrown in. Seldom do I see the full capabilities of eLearning being utilized.

What's your experience with this? Why do you think there is so much boring eLearning out there, when it could be engaging?