Hide and Seek 1.0

Hide and Seek lets you find anything in your scene instantly. You can do broad searches for object groups such as Cloners, Effectors, Splines, ect, or you can search for a very specific item such as all lights that are visible or texture tags in a specific hierarchy. These items are highlighted instantly in your object manager so you never have to dig through stacks of objects again. There are many ways to find objects and also save object selections. Hide and Seek brings a whole new workflow to Cinema 4D to keep you organized and sane when hunting down items!

-Find anything in your scene fast
-Search large groups of objects or specific items
-Greatly speed up your workflow on any project
-Isolate the only the objects you’re working with
-Create object selection groups to come back to at any time
-Versatile and easy to work with
-Never dig through the object manager again!
-Works with 3rd party plugins such as Xparticles, Octane, and Vray.
-Quick and handy help doc
-Compact interface
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