EXPLOSION SOUNDS - Glass, Stone, Metal, Liquid and Generic

30 High Quality EXPLOSION sounds! Each SFX is carefully mixed and mastered, featuring a unique character and weight. Perfect for any type of game, requiring quality realistic EXPLOSION sound effects.


  • Generic: Big, Medium, Small 

  • Stone: Big, Medium, Small

  • Metal: Big, Medium, Small

  • Glass: Big, Medium, Small

  • Liquid: Big, Medium, Small

For your convenience, each sound is included as a High Quality WAV and MP3 file.

Total of 30 audio files / 15 unique sounds!

This sound pack is designed by our team of industry veterans, whose experience in the AAA gaming industry will add massive value to you project.

PLEASE NOTE that we are already preparing a massive update for this sound pack! Once updated, the price will be increased accordingly. However if you get EXPLOSIONS today, you will receive all future updates FOR FREE! So download it NOW and save your money! This sound packet leaves nothing to be desired!

Thank you for purchasing and good luck with your project.
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