Managerial Accounting: P10-16 Monte Rosa Corporation produces two products

Managerial Accounting 
PROBLEM 10–16 Multiple Products, Materials and Processes 
Monte Rosa Corporation produces two products, Alpha8s and Zeta9s, which pass through two operations, Senteinger and Finishing. Each of the products uses two raw materials, X342 and Y561. The company uses a standard cost system, with the following standards for each product (on a per unit basis): 
Raw Material Standard Labor Time 
Product X342 Y561 Sintering Finishing
Alpha8 1.8 kilos 2.0 liters 0.20 hours 0.80 hours
Zeta9 3.0 kilos 4.5 liters 0.35 hours 0.90 hours

Information relating to materials purchased and materials used in production during May follows: 
Material Purchases Purchase Cost Standard Price Used in Production
X342 14,000 kilos 51,800 $3.50 per kilo 8,500 kilos
Y561 15,000 liters 19,500 $1.40 per liter 13,000 liters

The following additional information is available: 
a. The company recognizes price variances when materials are purchased. 
b. The standard labor rate is $20.00 per hour in Sintering and $19.00 per hour in Finishing. 
c. During May, 1,200 direct labor-hours were worked in Sintering at a total labor cost of $27,000,and 2,850 direct labor-hours were worked in Finishing at a total labor cost of $59,850. 
d. Production during May was 1,500 Alpha8s and 2,000 Zeta9s. 

1. Prepare a standard cost card for each product, showing the standard cost of direct material, and direct labor. 
2. Compute the materials quantity and price variances for each material. 
3. Compute the direct labor efficiency and rate variances for each operation.
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