VIDEO - Extreme chair play


Alena is a young, beautiful woman with some of the best hair in the world.
Her hair is one length, blunt cut, SUPER thick, very heavy and floor length!
However, she is not stopping, she is growing her hair even longer, as she wants it to be over 250 cm.

All the length and the thickness of her hair makes it able to make HUGE buns, massive braids, and it makes it possible to "bath in hair" when she is playing with her hair.
Her super long hair is literally everywhere when she is playing with it!
In this great video, she is playing with her hair in so many ways; Sitting in a chair, standing, "drowning" the chair with her hair and in so many other ways!
Some great scenes are when she is sitting there, playing with her hair, and having all her hair covering her whole body, and of course, you can not see the chair either.

Now, if you like enormous buns, this video is also a must have!
The bun she makes is a gigantic bun made out of twisting her hair into a massive coil, then twirling it around itself 7 times.
You have might seen other ladies with floor length hair who can twirl their hair 9 or 10 times, but remember this: Alena´s hair is EXTREMELY thick, and we have almost never seen anyone with this thickness and length at the same time!

She starts the video with some hairplay in her chair, sitting there, letting her hair flow all the way down to the floor and then pooling on the floor, continued by making a huge bun, stroking her super long mane over the chair several times in different ways, and doing a lot of hair play!

In this video, you will see long hair play and display, bun and bunrop, braid and undoing of the braid, long hair play while standing, sitting and in chair and much more!

This video is over 11 minutes in length.

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