HRM 498 Week 3 Stress Test

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Week 3 Stress Test
eam Assignment:
 (Stress Test Team Matrix below)


After the WK 2 Learning Team assignment the coordination
among team members may have produce individual and overall team stress. 
In preparation for the WK 4 Learning Team assignment, it is important to put in
place strategies to reduce any individual and team stress to increase the
productivity of individual team members and the quality of the team


Each team member
will look at the photograph and rate your stress level on a scale High - Med -
Low and enter your stress level in the matrix to come up with an overall
Learning Team Stress Level and the strategies to overcome stress for the WK 4
assignment.  In other words, what would you do individually and as a team
differently in the WK 4 assignment which you did not do in the WK 2 assignment?


Team member

WK 2 Individual
Stress Level

Individual strategies
to reduce stress for the WK 4 team assignment

Overall Team
Strategies to reduce stress for the WK 4 team assignment














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