Write a three page essay on one of the topics below...

Write a three page essay on one of the topics below:

·         Bacon’s revolt on Jamestown, Va.;

·         The Pueblo Revolt; and

·         Salem witch trials

In order to support your discussion, you will need to select at least one outside source . Your essay must address, but are not limited to, the following items listed below:

·         Introduce the event. This may include what happened, the reason, setting, location, timeline, outcome, and casualties.

·         Describe how characteristics of the region of Colonial America impacted your chosen conflict.

·         Discuss the American ideals or philosophies that may have caused this event to occur. How have these ideals and philosophies changed to the way we live today.

·         Discuss your perspective on the event, including, but not limited to, what was inevitable or avoidable, and what was beneficial or costly.

Again, be sure to review the required reading about what to look for in a scholarly resource. APA format with proper citation.
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