Managerial Accounting: E2-30 Smooth Sounds manufactures and sells a new line

Managerial AccountingE2-30 Work backwards to find missing amounts
Smooth Sounds manufactures and sells a new line of MP3 players. Unfortunately, Smooth Sounds suffered serious fire damage at its home office. As a result, the accounting records for October were partially destroyed—and completely jumbled. Smooth Sounds has hired you to help figure out the missing pieces of the accounting puzzle. Assume that Smooth Sounds’ raw materials inventory contains only direct materials.
Work in process inventory, October 31 1,500 
Finished goods inventory, October 1 4,300 
Direct labour in October 3,000 
Purchases of direct materials in October 9,000 
Work in process inventory, October 1 -   
Revenues in October 27,000 
Gross profit in October 12,000 
Direct materials used in October 8,000 
Raw materials inventory, October 31 3,000 
Manufacturing overhead in October 6,300 
Find the following amounts:
a. Cost of goods sold in October
b. Beginning raw materials inventory
c. Ending finished goods inventory
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