Presetr Three

Presetr Three

Presetr Three is taking out every bit of the new Lightroom CC's new color tools (works also perfectly on older versions). Presets look like film but with a modern touch. The package includes 17 completely new presets.

Presetr Three comes with Presetr Two as a bundle. The package includes total of 52 presets for Adobe Lightroom.

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Presetr Three Presets:
Brown 01-03
Hued 01-04
Muted 01-03
Warm 01-05
Vivid 01-02

Presetr Two Presets:
400H (8 versions)
Black & White (9 versions)
Portra 160 (5 versions)
Portra 400 (5 versions)
Portra 800 (8 versions)
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