Presetr Three

Presetr Three is taking out every bit of the new Lightroom CC's new color tools (works also perfectly on older versions). Presets look like film but with a modern touch. The package includes 17 completely new presets.

Presetr Three comes with Presetr Two as a bundle. The package includes total of 52 presets for Adobe Lightroom.

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Presetr Three Presets:
Brown 01-03
Hued 01-04
Muted 01-03
Warm 01-05
Vivid 01-02

Presetr Two Presets:
400H (8 versions)
Black & White (9 versions)
Portra 160 (5 versions)
Portra 400 (5 versions)
Portra 800 (8 versions)
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