Past Life Regression Hypnosis - DS ($ 19.99)

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HYPNOSIS - $ 19.99 (a $ 10 savings)

Will help If you have ever wondered if you lived before in a past
life past life regression hypnosis will take you on a hypnotic
journey or trip to another life time where you will be able to answer
lots of questions about that life.
Past life regression Hypnosis has been used by people to solve
present life issues or just as recreation a fun experience.
With Hypnosis on a past life hypnotic journey you may even
discover that you were the opposite sex, if you were rich or poor
person, what country you lived in and what era. You may even learn
important lessons that will help you understand more about yourself
in your present life that will help to improve the life you are
Obviously we have no way of knowing if what you experience with
past life regression hypnosis hypnotic journey is real or what some
feel is just a dream or their imagination at work. However in my
experience as a hypnotherapist this is in no way like a dream but
seems to relate to our personalities and for most that they are the
opposite in this life experience to the past life experience and very
like karma so this would make sense as your life experiences are
supposed to be spiritual lessons because it is said we are spiritual
beings having a human experience.

Another explanation is that your subconscious mind will take the
opportunity of you using past life regression hypnosis to take you on
a symbolic journey and offer you information in the form of a life
experience to make positive changes in your present life.

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