086 : Miss Iris Ferrari first experience

Where to start? Miss Iris in a sexy black dress, with black heels and a Ferrari, Italy at it's finest!

Needless to say Miss Iris looks stunning and what better site than to see her behind the wheel as she takes the Ferrari for a spin. Now unfortunately she wasn't allowed to really open it up as the vehicles owner wouldn't let her! (boo) but none the less it is still a site to see one Italian beauty driving another.

After a few minutes of driving Miss Iris treats us to some revving, her high heeled foot pushes the chrome pedal and you can hear that mighty prancing horse roar, Miss Iris also works the clutch, her sexy long legs on full view for your enjoyment.

There is some close up action of her foot pushing that pedal and check out the cheeky smile on her face, you just know Miss Iris was loving this experience and she couldn't resist slipping out of her heels and feeling that chrome pedal beneath her barefoot as she revved that powerful engine.

Miss Iris loved this car, she seductively strokes the steering wheel before putting her heels back on and doing some sexy posing for you outside of the car.
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