DBM 380 Week 5 Individual: SQL Queries

DBM 380 Week 5 Individual: SQL Queries

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 DBM 380 Week 5 Individual: SQL Queries

The following assignment is based on the database environment created in the Week Four Individual Assignment.

Design and develop the below queries using professional principles and standards:




A set of SQL Statements that returns all rows and all data for each table in your database


Two SQL Statements that return a subset of columns and a subset of rows using the WHERE clause


Two SQL Statements that join two or more tables in one query.  Look for primary and foreign keys to help you determine join points. Use the JOIN clause as a part of your queries


As a part of the Week Five assignment, it is important to resubmit work completed in Weeks One through Five for a complete project review.  You should make any necessary improvements based on faculty feedback received to the documents in Weeks One through Four before submitting.

Compress the following into a ZIP file:




Week One – Database proposal document


Week Two – ERD document


Week Three – Normalized ERD document


Week Four – Database Creation SQL files


Week Five – SQL Query files


Submit the ZIP file to the Assignment Files tab.

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