Pick a company or organization

Pick a company or organization

Pick a company or organization and do a complete risk management analysis of it, using an ERM format which should include business risks that are beyond the typical scope of insurance. For your chosen company or organization you should identify the top 3 -to- 5 risks that it faces, describe them, and suggest how the company should manage those risks. Your risk management analysis may include insurance type risks if they are in the top 3 -to- 4 risks faced by the organization. An example of this would be medical malpractice risks faced by a health care organization or Workers Compensation risks faced by a large construction firm.

·The final project should be a 7-10 pages in length.

·Also prepare a presentation for this project, with a power-point and a recorded presentation, either video or audio to accompany the power-point.

·Note: Your final paper must be written using the current APA writing and citation style. 

·Please submit the written portion of this assignment as either a MS Word document or a Rich Text Format (RTF) document.

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