Mixing with Metal Drum Sample Pack #1

The very first sample back from Mixing with Metal! Take your mixing to the next level with these expertly crafted samples for Mixing with Metal creator Jacob Roach. 

The samples come as TCI and WAV files and are ready to be thrown into any mix. 

Here's what's included: 

  • Kick 

  • Kick In

  • Kick Out

  • Kick Stereo Room

  • Kick Mono Room

  • Kick OH

  • Snare

  • Snare Top

  • Snare Bottom

  • Snare Stereo Room

  • Snare Mono Room

  • Snare OH

  • Rack Tom

  • Rack Mic

  • Rack Stereo Room

  • Rack Mono Room

  • Rack OH

  • Floor Tom

  • Floor Mic

  • Floor Stereo Room

  • Floor Mono Room

  • Floor OH

Samples were recorded with a Mapex Saturn V kit through 1073s at The Killing Joke Studios.
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