Vernox (Current OSRS Data) "DEOB"

Media and information:

The "Vernox" project uses a "Hyperion"-based source and a deobfuscated OSRS client, making it cleaner and much more stable than your typical "PI loading OSRS data". In addition to stability, a "deob" will be much closer to the actual OSRS. The pictures in the link provided above will demonstrate most of the server's key features, with much more to be found. All combat and non-combat skills are functional, excluding the construction skill. However, this can be added with an additional price, as the process for construction is long and time-consuming. Raids have been started on, with one boss available for pvm. Similar to above statement, additional features or a complete raids system can be included for an additional price, as raids is a long and time-consuming process. Serious inquiries only. "Vernox" is host-ready but can most definitely be tweaked to one's liking; such as the location of the home, shops items, etc. At a reasonable price like such, with a number of great features, this will definitely be worth your purchase.

Please ensure that you have JDK and an IDE, such as Eclipse, as well as a database, such as MongoDB. The software mentioned above is essential in setting up the project. Should you encounter any interference with your antivirus, please note that Java does require administrative priveledges and that conflicts are most likely false positives. Feel free to deobfuscate any of the .jars or libraries to ensure this reason. A demonstration with the same download can be shown through Skype screenshare, on my personal workstation, showing that this purchase is indeed what is being described. I have tried my best to include a text file, outlining the steps required to set up and start the project. If you require assistance in setting up the project, please do not hesitate to send me a message through the messaging system, or payment email.
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