*NEW* Super Boss Series #1 - Tyler Warren RPG Battlers

Tyler Warren RPG Battlers – Super Boss Series #1

Short description
Every game project deserve a fantastic Final Boss and Tyler aims to deliver exactly that with the Super Boss Series of Battlers.  This first screen-filling Super Boss will have your players begging for mercy!

This pack includes 1 Super Boss presented in 6 varients and comes with 3 complimentary backgrounds (battlebacks) to give the final boss all the epic-ness you desire.  The Super Boss Series is designed to provide you a number of fill-the-screen end guys, and this first addition does is so well!

This pack contains

- 25 PNG fomatted files for easy plug and play into RPG Maker
- 9 PSD formatted files allowing you to make edits/manipulations and changes 
- Files formatted for easy Plug and Play into RPG Maker
- Each battler is also provided in an optional “soft-filtered” version
- Includes Personal Use License and Limited Commercial Use License


Personal Use License: The buyer is free to use/modify purchased images in personal projects/crafts/video games of every kind with no further restrictions provided the products are not intended for sale, or offered for sale.

Limited Commercial Use License: The buyer is free to use/modify purchased images in commercial projects/crafts/video games up to 3,000 times. Buyer must give credit to the copyright holder (Tyler Warren) when used in commercial projects. (Note: Video games have no internal restrictions on use, the 3,000 unit applies to sales volume of the final product.)

Unlimited Commercial Use License: Not included with this purchase, but can be purchased seperately.
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