HRM 310 Complete Class

Product DescriptionHRM 310 Complete Class Week 1: Individual Assignment Reasons for Change Paper DQ 1: What are some of the sources or reasons an organization must change? Provide anexample of an organization that has seen change. What was the reason for the change?Were there any opportunities gained from the change? DQ 2: Compare and contrast the strengths and weaknesses of the three change models. Explainwhen each of the models should be used and why?  Week 2: Learning Team Assignment Change Management Memo Select one team member’s current or past work organization to complete this project.If no organizations are available, you can use one of the Virtual Organizations foundon your student Web site to complete this assignment.   Write a 700- to 1,050-word memo from a midlevel manager to his or her supervisory teamin response to a change that is about to take place within the organization such as amove to a new location, added technology, streamlining of the workforce with moreresponsibilities shared, and so forth. Address the following:   Discuss the type of change involved. Compare change models that the organization could use for this situation. Make a recommendation for a change model and explain why this change model is best forthis situation.   Format your memo consistent with APA guidelines.  DQ 1: What advantages does the project management approach provide when used during achange? Provide an example of when you have seen or read about this approach usedduring change. DQ 2: How can meeting the challenge of change become an organizational opportunity? Providean example of an organization that used change as an opportunity  Week 3: Individual Assignment Change Proposal Resource: Kudler Fine Foods Virtual Organization   Select one department such as accounting, sales, operations, and so forth in theKudler Fine Foods Virtual Organization to complete this assignment. Imagine you are amidlevel manager at this organization who supervises two to four first-level managers.   Prepare a 1,050- to 1,400-word report to your boss where you propose a needed changefor this department. You will be asking permission from your boss to implement thechange management program. Include the following in your report:   Explain the need for this change and the importance of the opportunities it provides. Explain the four dimensions of change management and how they apply to this situation. Summarize how you would use the project management approach to explain how the changewill be managed. Provide support for your proposal position with expected return on investment (ROI).   Format your proposal consistent with APA guidelines.  DQ 1: When should you, as a leader, communicate about a change? What are some effective waysor methods to communicate change? Why is it important to consider the process ofcommunication in change management? DQ 2: What factors should be considered when preparing employees for a change? How shouldthe leader solicit the involvement of the employees? Provide an example of a changeyou have been involved in where employee involvement was solicited. Explain whether itwas effective and why.  Week 4: Learning Team Assignment Communicating Change Presentation This assignment continues your Learning Team assignment from Week Two. Assume the samerole of a midlevel manager at the selected organization. In this management position,you supervise two to four first-level managers. The organization is about to gothrough a major change such as a move to new location, added technology, streamline ofthe workforce with more shared responsibilities, and so forth. In preparation for thischange, you must create a presentation to your employees to guide them in successfullymanaging the change with their entry-level employees.   Resource: Change Management Memo assignment from Week Two   Create a 12- to 15-slide PowerPoint® presentation with detailed speaker’s notes. Thepresentation must include the following:   Discuss the leadership role you expect your management team to have in implementingthe change.   Explain the need to communicate the shared vision for the entire organization.   Share at least three communication tools that can be used to communicate the sharedvision and ensure employee understanding.   Discuss the importance of enlisting the employee involvement.   Describe at least three examples of how to enlist employee involvement in response tothis change.   Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.  DQ 1: What can an organization do to maximize the opportunities to make necessaryadjustments during change? Why is it important to make adjustments during change?Explain your answer. DQ 2: Why do individuals resist some changes but not others? Why is it important tounderstand employees’ reasons for resistance? How can you ensure communication tothese employees?  Week 5: Individual Assignment Implementing Change Report Resources: The same department such as accounting, sales, operations, and so forth inthe Kudler Fine Foods Virtual Organization you selected in Week Three to complete thisassignment   Prepare a 1,400- to 2,100-word report to your supervisor that provides an update ofthe implementation of the change process you proposed in Week Three.   Address the following in your report:   Explain how you will monitor the change process. Identify the measurement andobservation tools and techniques you will use. Refer to specific examples of thesuccess of this process in other organizations.   Identify any opportunities for adjustments you anticipate while managing the changeprocess. In a paragraph for each, explain the need for making these adjustments, thepossible changes you will make, and the benefits they will provide.   Identify parts of the change process that might be prone to change resisters. Describethe techniques that you will use to overcome these resisters to change.   Explain ways to use the organization’s culture to enhance this change. Include thebenefits of using the organization’s culture to enhance and sustain the change.   Explain ways this change might affect the organization’s culture. Emphasize theeffects and benefits this change could have on the organization’s culture.   Explain how you can evaluate this change process to enhance future change initiativesin this organization. Describe the needs or opportunities for future change that thisprocess might open to the organization.   Format your report consistent with APA guidelines.   Final Exam Included 
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