VIDEO - Rapunzel ASMR


ASMR - Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is a relaxing sensation, and you can often see ASMR videos on YouTube, with calm speaking, hairbrushing sounds etc.
RealRapunzels has not specified within ASMR, so this is something new for us, but watching a beautiful woman such as our fantastic model Kateryna, showing her hair, playing with it, swinging it from side to side very slowly is very relaxing, calming and beautiful to watch, and it we will guarantee you one thing: If you are stressed, and watch this video, you won´t be stressed anymore.

Kateryna is a top knotch long hair model, having made several videos together with us.
She truly knows how beautiful super long hair is, and she has a lot of knowledge about it. Her hair is blonde, knee length and very healthy.
She also wants to grow her hair longer as long as it stays very healthy, as that is very important and beautiful to her.

This is a very calming video, but it includes some amazing hair play, and this slow hair play and stroking causes you to see every detail in her hair very good; it´s silkyness, length, thickness, texture, color etc.

She loves making this video, and she really loves to know that she is a very popular model, that a lot of people watch, and buy videos of.

In this video, you will see long hair play and display, ASMR, hair lifting, long hair stroking, long hair swinging and swaying, closeup hair play, hair parting, running her fingers through her hair, handheld ponytail and more!

This video is over 12 minutes in length.

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