A pack of 5 UNQUIE Lightroom Presets to really step up your photography game. Super easy to install and use - I created this pack during a trip to Alberta Canada.

Today for only $8 instead of $16!

Keep in mind nothing great comes with just one click so tweak with the basic settings and adjust to your unique needs! Usually adjusting the exposure and white balance is all it takes to get the best results!

This preset pack includes the following looks: BLIZZARD, INTENSE, LUMINOSITY, CHILL and VIBES.

*You will receive 1 ZIP file containing 5 Lightroom Preset files. These files must be installed to a specific folder and Lightroom MUST be restarted.

Remeber to shoot in RAW! If you have any questions feel free to get in touch with me via social. 

Here are some more examples of the presets:

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