Session 2, 2016 - Love, make everyone love you, including you!

Session 2, 2016 - Love, make everyone love you, including you!

Session 2, 2016
Love  (make everyone love you, including you!)
This 8 hour subliminal session created by me is specially designed to help you sleep better and make you a more lovable person.
Play this session at bedtime, headphones are highly suggested, but not required.

All my sessions include:

- SETI recordings including the 'wow' recording on August 15, 1977. - Radiation noise taken from suspected worm holes in The Milky Way Galaxy. - Celestial noise taken from specific locations outside the Milky Way (as recorded in my lucid dreaming). - Specific dream sketches converted directly to sound using the HyperMammut Algorithm. - Subliminal messages written and voiced by me in many layers and frequency rages. - Ultrasound, pulsation and steady tones designed to re-awaken the brain. - Sounds from our planet, above and below water. - Specifically selected melodies designed to re-awaken broken neuron Neurological Connections. - Love and Joy Affirmations from 2014 and 2015.

And over 100 more inputs all designed by me, for you.

For a full product description of this specific session, please visit

I don't want to say anything else other than... 
- Something amazing is going to happen to you very soon!- Just please trust me and play this session at bedtime for at least a week.- Play it at a normal volume and only once per night.- Headphones are not required, but I do recommend using them.

Thank you and sleep well.

 Brian Ladd

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