Factory Challenge Solution

You are the lead Quality Engineer at a factory that creates "calendar dice". You have to make sure that each die in the set can display the day of the month appropriately (01-31). If the factory is limited in the tests it can run, what are the most important tests you will need to run to verify that each die in the set is correct?

Set up a test plan, and outline which tests are needed to validate the set. Please describe the values of each die face, for each die in the set as well.

Please note the following:

• The die set will only be used to display the current date of the month. Let's pretend that the month block is a part of another set, and another team will test that.


• When describing the values of each face on the die, please provide a drawing of each face accordingly

(an example is provided below).

Example Die Set

Die 1

Die 2

Impress us with:

• Tests to validate your test plan.

• Tests we can execute.

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