E-book: 29 HuffPosts, by Marie Woolf (.epub)

In October, 2012—in the heat of that general election—my first contribution to the Huffington Post went live. Over the next three years, Woolf posted twenty-nine columns at www.huffpost.com on subjects ranging from Secretary of State John Kerry to the delusions of bankers who fantasize about being designers. She accurately called the victory of Elizabeth Warren in her first run at the United States Senate for the late Edward M. Kennedy’s seat. She deconstructed the psychotic mixed signals of magazines at the grocery checkout line, took Apple CEO Tim Cook to task, and lauded the new Pope Francis. The Holocaust, Mother's Day, September 11, Spanx, kindness, Hillary Clinton, and more—essays that read like arrows.

Marie Woolf. “WOOLF_29 HuffPosts 2012-2015.” iBooks.
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