Earth Heart Novel - eBook for KINDLE Readers

eBook for KINDLE Reading Devices This is the Earth Heart Novel in eBook format for use in KINDLE reading devices. ABOUT EARTH HEART: After college Dillan felt the uncertain weight of the world to identify his future, but an impromptu hiking trip deep into a Wyoming wilderness with his girlfriend Kate and German Shepherd Jake led to the discovery of an extraordinary hidden treasure that transformed the direction and purpose of his life. When mirages of dancing shadows began to appear at the edge of fields and on the top of distant ridges, Dillan was not surprised when they stopped for gas on their way to the wilderness and an elderly Native American man sitting outside the station laughed as Dillan walked by and asked, “Earth Mother guiding you?” The man pointed to Dillan’s Jeep where a red-tail hawk sat perched on the roof. They did not know it at the time, but the shadow dancers, the hawk and that simple question served as catalysts for a seemingly impossible summertime adventure that created and restored balance in ways Dillan never could have imagined. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for considering Earth Heart for your reading adventure.