JETI Electrical Three-sided Forklift Truck EFX 100, EFX 125 (06.1997-12.2001) Workshop Manual

Original Illustrated Factory Workshop Manual for JETI Electrical Three-sided Forklift Truck Type EFX.

Original factory manuals for JUNGHEINRICH Forklift Trucks, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate and repair your truck. All Manuals Printable and contains Searchable Text

Covered models:
EFX 100 (06.1997-12.2001)
EFX 125 (06.1997-12.2001)

Format: PDF, 154 Pages
Language: English


1. Safety
    Safety precautions
4. Technical description
    Steering system, hydrostatic (view)
    Hydraulic system (view)
    Hydraulic system, control block (view)
    Hydraulic system (view)
    Hydraulic system, emergency stop brake, inductive (view)
    Drive (view)
    Drive motor brake (view)
    Wheel brake (view)
    Lifting mast (view)
    Attachments (view)
    Switch, lateral traversing (view)
5. Function description, adjustment values and torque settings
8. LT-200 Bosch /Travel control and hydraulic control
    Block diagram EFX 100/125 / drive and hydraulic control
    Circuit diagram
    Function description
    Notes on repairs
    Charging or diagnostic display
    Connecting the testbox
    Service program - parameter list
    Parameter list for drive / lifting pulse, rail guided
    Parameter list for drive / lifting pulse, inductively guided
    Parameter description
    Service program - Test program identifier C
    Checklist for the test program, identifier C
    Service program - reading the error log, identifier A
    Error display - type of error
    Error description
9. SPS / program
    SPS EFX 100/125 view
    SPS EFX 100/125
    SPS input/output list Rail guide
    Program Rail guide without end-of-aisle protection system
    Program Rail guide with end-of-aisle protection system
    SPS input/output lists Inductive guide
    Program Inductive guide
10. Travel control card

11. Steering and IF-6
12. Circuit diagrams, electric / hydraulic
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