RMT - Week 2

RMT - Week 2

Theory can offer many things to the researcher. It can be used to explain phenomena, generate hypotheses and suggest additional directions for research. In turn, the results from research can be used to refine existing theory.
A clear theoretical framework arising from the literature, such as management theory, leadership theory or change theory, can be used to guide your research, including your choice of research design and methodology.
In a 750 word response, post your answers to the following questions to the Discussion Board by Saturday:

  • Describe at least two theoretical frameworks you might choose for your research problem and why.

  • How will your choice(s) of theoretical frameworks affect the manner in which you conduct your research?

1. The assignment should have an introduction and conclusion.
2. The answer should include three in-text citations or more and should be as per the Harvard Referencing System.
3. Reference list citations should be as per the Harvard Referencing System.
4. Please consider the lecture notes in your answer.

500-750 words

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