Cyber Security

Cyber Security Power Point Presentation Using the information you learned from Modules 1 and 2, create a Powerpoint presentation and address the four items below. Each item should be 1 - 2 slides. Use the notes section of the presentation to address the information on the slide. Remember, I will be reading your slides without any soundtrack (you can add one if you want) so the presentation should stand alone. That means I should be able to read your notes pages as if you were giving me the presentation. You can add audio if you want. Your presentation should also have a title page, agenda, and a reference slide. Be creative with your presentation. I do not believe pure bullet slides are appropriate at the college and/or professional level.

1. Identify the various ways that agency or organization security policies can be influenced.

2. Compare and contrast the difference between legislation and other regulatory documents, i.e., guidance, standards, directives, executive orders, etc.

3. Discuss the standards in legislation and other regulatory instruments that require compliance by an organization

4. Develop policies to comply with requisite information security standards.
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