Hookah Icon Base

.psd file  (Not MS Paint friendly) || 200 x 200

Lines are anthro only.

LIMITED TIME ONLY :: This product is only available for purchase between April 10th to April 30th 2018 (04/10/18 - 04/30/18)

:: RULES ::
- Always give proper credit.
- Do not claim any part of this pack as your own.
- Do not resell or share this pack.
- This pack may be used for commissons sold for RLC or digital currencies.
- It may be used on personal references or any other manners of art.
- No refunds will be given, period. So please ensure that this is really a purchase you'd like to make.

:: Contains ::
5 Ears | 5 Hair Styles
5 Noses | 5 Tails
5 Mouths | Base Lines
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