Wrobot - Questing profile 1-70 (Alliance)

Wrobot - Questing profile 1-70 (Alliance)

About the file

This is a questing profile, for World of warcraft Legion.
So far the profile only goes from 1-70, but it can be done, more or less AFK.

Quest Path:
1-6 Northshire valley
6-12 Elwynn Forrest
12-17 Westfall
17-20 Redridge Mountains
20-25 Duskwood, 
25-32 Northern Strangelthorn Vale
32-37 Hinterlands, 37-45 EPL / WPL
45-48 Badlands
48-50 Searing Gorge,
50-52 Burning Steppes
52-55 Swamp of Sorrows
55-60 Blasted lands
+ all outlands zones

Futher more I have added some starting zones for other races aswell
Night elf
@ Credit to Eeny for helping with it, and to have made most of the outlands

- Note that this was created for 7.1 but should work with all newer versions of retail as well
- let me know if there are any bugs other than pathing, and i will check it out.
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