SCI 275 Week 4 Urban Sustainability

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SCI 275 Week 4 Urban Sustainability

Select one of the following choices to complete.

Option 1

Video Resources:  "How to Build a Cooler City",
"The Thin Green Line: Investing in Urban Parks", and 
"Seeds of Progress: How Urban Farming is Changing Detroit's Future".

Select one
video that inspires you.

Develop a
700- to 1,050-word plan to implement one of these programs into your
neighborhood or hometown. 

  • Your plan
    should include a clearly defined goal, steps needed to reach your goal,
    resources needed to reach your goal, and any community support to
    implement your plan. 

  • Explain the
    beneifts of the program you selected and discuss which urban challenges it

Option 2

Resources: Chapter 17 of Environmental
and Urban
Sustainability Chart.

Complete the
Urban Sustainability Chart to develop sustainability guidelines for your
apartment, home child's school, workplace, or place of worship.

Click the
Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.
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